Thanksgiving Super Dad Earns Recliner with Holiday Heroism


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Eating is not all that dads do!  Granted, we do consume a large amount of the Thanksgiving feast, but eating is not all we do.  Sometimes, Thanksgiving calls for travel and if you are a Dad that loves to get behind the wheel as if it were an adventure, then take heed to the following.  Taking your family on the road to see other family members on one of the biggest and most traditional days of the year is no easy task. But, since you are a dad with super powers when it comes to holidays, you have the advantage of foreseeing would-be obstacles. 


Dads are packers too! You have to believe in yourself. Never forget you are a super dad and when it comes to packing you have the knowledge and energy to make everything fit. Your obstacles will range from figurines to baby dolls to makeup kits, but you’re well equipped with super dad powers to keep your wife and kids happy, so the more the merrier. You’re feeling great after your Rubik’s Cube of a packing job is complete with perfect symmetry, stacking high enough to fit all bags, including the one duffel bag for yourself. And you don’t mind because you left yourself enough ocular ease to look out of your rearview mirror through your back glass window from time to time. After kisses and high fives from your wife and kids, on you go…to your in-laws!

In the Kitchen

Once in the driveway, you suddenly feel a boost of confidence. The Dobermans didn’t bark at you. And you weren’t the only one that noticed; your wife, kids and in-laws noticed as they greeted you at the door. After you and your son have removed all the luggage from the vehicle, you join everyone else in the living area with a view of the kitchen. Now, don’t get it confused. If you enter the kitchen, you have to enter the kitchen cautiously — and don’t suggest anything about cooking once you have safely entered. While the eyes cut and stare, you wait. You wait for the moment when “they” need help and when that moment comes, you energetically and with super delight perform your super dad duties. Lifting, opening, reaching and closing; sweeping, wiping and an occasional “I’ll get it” lets them know that you are worthy of being in the kitchen with “them.” Even though you weren’t selected for a taste test of the pies, you still feel magnificent that you didn’t get kicked out; and in that instant when you were accepted as a kitchen monitor, you feel more confident.

The Big Day

Thanksgiving Day has arrived and you have to realize that the recliner isn’t yours, so don’t get too comfy. Instead, ease your way to the recliner. How? It’s easy. Be patient and pounce on every opportunity to showcase your super dad super powers. The turkey is done, but someone has to remove it from the oven. Would that be your time? You bet it would be. Eagerly, with confidence, glide the mitten onto your hand, smiling and smelling good I might add. It would be beneficial to you to wear something that would give your muscles an upper hand when looked at. They need to be mesmerizing. Not only are you the super dad, you are the son-in-law of the year. You were given the honors of carving the turkey. After all the food has been divided amongst stomachs, the Thanksgiving game will come on television.  Your in-laws will remember how you saved them earlier and the day before. And that’s when the recliner, which once was the resting place of your father-in-law for the past years, becomes your trophy for being a super dad on Thanksgiving. Your wife and kids congratulate you with head nods and eye winks as you embrace the fitted seat, making yourself comfortable finally to watch some good ole football.

Holidays are moments to show how super you are. Don’t rush your super. Instead, be patient. Once the opportunity presents itself, take it. You are sure to reap the rewards.

G. I. Barrett, II, a short story author, novelist, freelance writer and poet, is a North Carolina native and proud father of a son and daughter. He has forthcoming novels, including The Rise & Fall of Love’s Gravitational Pull. Connect with Barratt on Twitter: @therealgeneralb, Instagram: @wordolo_g and Facebook:

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