Pre-Valentine’s as Important as Valentine’s Day


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Ah yes, it is finally here! The month of love has ridden quickly upon us, and men — yes I’m talking to all of you — you can safely say it is a must that we have to hold on tightly. Even though this love horse doesn’t prance around for one month of the year, this particular month is when the horse is showcased on the highest level possible. Let me explain.

This is the month where you get to prove you’re more romantic than the year before. I take it upon myself to do what I call “Pre-Valentine’s.” This when I shower my wife and daughter with small, but significant treasures to get them in the love spirit. Why do I do this you say? Well, for one, to erase any memory of me doing anything to upset them, and for two, it builds anticipation for the big day…the love day. And “Pre-Valentine’s” has its perks. When you wake up in the morning the breakfast is hotter and fuller, you get more smiles and hugs, and your daughter really puts a stamp on those grades in school as if she could get any higher than the Honor Roll she received for the last marking period…it’s a great way to begin the first quarter of the year, and with you giving out untimely, full of surprises love treasurers, this will keep the excitement going in the house.

This is also a great teaching model for your son. Get ready for the questions to be asked. He may be like my son and ask why didn’t he get a gift? I told my son, “Hey, this is the perfect time for me to show you how to let your future wife and kids know how much you love them during this one particular month out of the year.”

“I’m not getting married,” he said. 

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because I don’t want to,” he replied. 

I tried to keep from laughing as he had the most serious Robert DeNiro, Meet the Fockers facial expression, but I gave in after a couple of seconds. I went ahead and told him that if he was to change his mind later on in life, be mindful of the love you show to your spouse and kids. Valentine’s Day is the annual celebration of love and the best thing to do is not only tell your spouse and kids you love them, but actually show it. 

I told him to look how surprised and happy his mother and sister were. And as long as they feel loved by you, they will return the love because true love is everlasting…and though it may not be an “official” holiday, it will always be significant to the world.

G. I. Barrett, II, a short story author, novelist, freelance writer and poet, is a North Carolina native and proud father of a son and daughter. He has forthcoming novels, including The Rise & Fall of Love’s Gravitational Pull. Connect with Barrett on Twitter: @therealgeneralb, Instagram: @wordolo_g and Facebook:

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