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Track Flu Outbreaks on Campuses

A new smartphone app can help identify college students at risk of catching the flu, say UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University researchers.

Couples Benefit from Splitting Child Care Duties

Study: Heterosexual couples who split child care duties, have higher quality relationships and sex lives than those who don’t.

A Fun Halloween is a Safe One

It might be common sense, but it bears repeating

A Spooky Halloween Begins and Ends with Good Nutrition

Tips for a great night of trick-or-treating

Raise a Hand for Hygiene in 2015

Today is Global Handwashing Day

5 Unconventional Tips for Moms to Lose the Baby Weight

Helpful tips for postpartum weight loss.

Top 5 Teething Tips for Baby

Ease the pain of new teeth growing in.

Should Your Child Join a Sports Travel Team?

Should your child play year-round, travel team club sports? Learn how to take advantage of this level of sports in a healthy way.

Does Your Child Feel 'Entitled?'

Author Amy McCready writes that many parents struggle to say “No” to their children when they most need to hear it in order to develop compassion and gratitude.

Sneaking More Whole Grains into Your Family's Diet

7 delicious ways to incorporate whole grains

Flu Vaccine: Nasal Spray or Injection?

Learn what the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends.

Your Tot's Job? Playtime

Play, especially with parents, promotes learning, good health and more

Fast Food: We Don't Have to Trade Our Kids' Health for Convenience

Balancing busy lives and the need for quick and easy family meals

Could WiFi be the next peanut butter?

A child's allergy to electromagnetic fields, and a school's lack of accommodation, is headed to court.

The jock is not dumb after all

New study suggests being physically fit is related to better academic performance.

Adolescent Health Linked to Education, Employment Outcomes

Studies are showing that physical and mental health problems can disrupt teens’ acquisition of skills and transition into the workforce.

Kids Expecting Aggressive Behavior Become Aggressive

A new Duke University-led study shows that hypervigilance to hostility triggers aggressive behavior in children.

Consistent Bedtime Routine Will Help Children Sleep

Possible causes affecting sleep include anxiety, fear, nightmares, poor consistency or stress.

Helping Kids Cool Down

From a hitting toddler to a temperamental teen, here’s how to help kids keep their cool.

Is Your Child Actually Eating the Healthy Lunch You Packed?

You pack it, but do they eat it?

Inside the Kitchens of NC Public Schools

What it takes to provide students healthy, tasty meals.

HPV Vaccine for Boys Could Protect More at Same Cost

The CDC recommends that both boys and girls ages 11-12 receive the HPV vaccine.

Tips to Help Your Teen Cope With Peer Pressure

Peers influence teens almost constantly through school, sports and social media.

Tips for a Smooth Toddler-Bed Transition

Smooth the way for a great toddler-bed transition with these tips.

Protecting Your Children From the Sun

What you need to know about "baby" and "child" sunscreens.

Painted Pavement Inspires Physical Activity

BCBSNC and NCRPA collaborate to transform open spaces and build healthier communities with PlayPrints.

Coping With the Aches and Pains of Pregnancy

Getting through the ups and downs of pregnancy.

Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

If obsessions interfere with daily activities, consult your child's doctor.

Gentle C-sections 101

New approach emphasizes mother/baby bonding after birth

5 Ways to Protect Your Family From Mosquitos

Recommendations for steering clear of mosquitoes.
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