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Coping With Your Child's First Crush

Age-appropriate tactics on coping with that first crush

Making Music Builds Brain Power in Kids

Benefits of music instruction can last a lifetime

Teaching children to do homework independently

How to get your child to do homework without mom or dad's help

Growing Up: Teaching kids the meaning of generosity

Teach kids of all ages the meaning of generosity.

Is My Kid OK? -- When Your Child Bullies

Confronting bad behavior when your child bullies

Growing Up: Risky businesses

Helping children manage risks.

Is My Kid Ok?: Mean girls

Mean girl' phenomenon can begin as early as age 4

Is my kid ok: Is my 9-year-old daughter ready for ‘the talk’?

How old is old enough to learn how babies are made?

Growing Up: Moving Toward Independence

Growing Up: No more procrastination

Expert advice for raising kids who don't procrastinate.

Is my kid OK? Mom finds 6-year-old son’s violent outburst troubling

Is it normal for a 6-year-od to hit other children?

Growing Up: Dealing With Disappointment

Age-by-age guidelines on helping kids deal with disappointment.

Does too much TV result in violence?

Researchers examine the link between children's TV viewing habits, and violence and social skills.

How to handle your child’s first crush

Crushes can be serious... here are some tips on how to handle this milestone.

Health Brief: Study shows stressed infant girls could become depressed and anxious teenagers

Study shows that in females, stress as an infant could lead to anxiety and depression later in life.

Health Brief: Researchers find babies exclusively breastfed for six months have lower iron levels

Babies exclusively breastfed had lower iron than babies who were food-supplemented.

Fit kids score higher on school tests, study finds

Research shows kids who are more fit test better in reading and math.

Why is cursive writing disappearing?

Growing Up: Kids & Sleep Deprivation

Expert advice for helping your children sleep well

Lexercise: An Online Resource for Dyslexia

Find help and support in this great website and online program.

Down Syndrome and Autism: Coping with a Dual Diagnosis

A mother finds support in dealing with a challenging diagnosis.

Become an Advocate for Your Child: An Asperger's Story

Getting a diagnosis can go a long way in getting help.

Dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder

Helping kids with hypersensitivity.

CHARGE Syndrome: The Ups and Downs

Celebrating successes, both large and small.

Overcoming Complex Learning Disorders

Dysgraphia, dyslexia and dyscalculia -- help for your child.

Books to Help with Raising Special Children

Read the work of experts to help get on the right track.

Lifting Spirits: A Special Needs Cheer Team

A great way to get out and play.

Getting Therapy

How physical and occupational therapy can help the whole family.

When Baby Isn't Perfect: Dealing with a Difficult Diagnosis

Getting support when you need it the most.

Kids with Disabilities: Stand Up to Bullies

Making sure your kids are safe and happy, at home and away.
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