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College Savings 101

Tips on how to pay for college.

Handling Make-Up Work

In Ask the Teach, what to do with all that make up work when your child's been sick.

Stubborn Kids in the Classroom

In Ask the Teach, how to help your stubborn child learn not to argue with his teacher.

Schools Gain New Tools to Fight Obesity

A new program, spreading throughout the state, is putting the tools to fight obesity in the hands of students and staff at school.

Ask the Teach: Too Much Homework in Kindergarten

Two hours of homework in kindergarten is affecting child's attitude.

Ask the Teach: Correct Spelling

Why isn't spelling correctly emphasized in school?

Ask the Teach: Norm-Referenced Tests

Is this used to measure IQ?

Ask the Teach: Help with Visualizing Numbers

Good tips for helping kids with math skills.

Ask the Teach: Right or Left Handed?

How do you determine right or left-handedness?

Multitasking Hinders Homework

Can kids really mutitask, when one of the tasks is homework?

Ask the Teach: Kids, Texting and Homework

Kids say they can multi-task, but can they really?

Ask the Teach: Onomatopoeia

Fun ways to get kids excited about reading.

Ask the Teach: School Resolutions for the New Year

January is a good time to take stock of the school year.

Ask the Teach: Should my daughter learn cursive?

My 11 year old can't read a handwritten note. Should I be worried?

Ask the Teach: Silent Reading Time

Are kids wasting education time with sustained silent reading?

Choosing the Right Preschool

A few tips to help make this big decision a little easier.

Ask the Teach

Helping the underachiever and working on school behavior.

Help Children Write Clearly

Have children read their writing out loud to see if it makes sense.

Questions to Ask When Visiting Schools

What to look for, ask and consider when visiting and researching schools for your child.

Powering Down Powerful Distractions

Are kids still able concentrate under the relentless barrage of random messages from cell phones and social media?

Steps for an Organized School Year

Set the course for smooth sailing this school year with these simple steps from experts.

Summer Reading Books For Every Age!

A librarian shares her picks for kids.

Building the Parent / Teacher Relationship

Help ensure a successful year.

Healthy Habits for School Lunches

Answer the question: bag it or buy it?

Gear Up for Learning Before the School Bell Rings

Help students of all ages get ready for school with expert advice and resources.

Importance of Multicultural Classrooms

Schools across the state increasingly recognize the importance of a multicultural education, with teachers educating students about our global society.

Welcoming a New Year of Opportunities

Carolina Parent welcomes aboard a new publisher and provides advice to help you and your children succeed this school year.

Strategies for a Successful School Year

Dear Teacher offers tips to prepare for school and looks at combined grade level classes and laws for home schooling.

Get Kids Ready for School

Teacher's tips for getting ready for school.

Websites Teach Kids Financial Literacy

It's never too early to teach children about financial literacy and we have age-appropriate tools and resources.
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Annual Guides

GPS [Go. Play. See]

It's your complete family guide to Triad living. Parents are busy and on the go. Use this guide to help you explore all this great area offers for families in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point and surrounding communities.

Exceptional Child

For parents of kids with special needs, finding help and support can be challenging. We've compiled valuable resources for Triad parents in our latest annual publication, Exceptional Child, which is also available as a digital guide.