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Helping a Quiet Child Bloom

Is your child an introvert? Here are ways to help your quiet child thrive.

5 Ways to Help Your Child’s Speech Development Without Electronics

Simple ways to encourage your child to master speech and language.

Importance of Naps for Preschoolers

Study shows a link between naps and language learning.

Study Finds Bullying Linked to Lower Academic Achievement

Even moderate levels of bullying can negatively affect a student’s performance in school.

Coping With Separation Anxiety in Children

The Daycare Dilemma: What to do when your child can’t bear to see you leave

Helping Kids Cope With Change

Tips to help kids navigate life's twists and turns with confidence and care.

Parental Obesity Associated With Early Childhood Development Delays

Findings based on study that analyzed the data based on screenings of more than 4,800 children.

Tips for Pregnant and New Moms

Advice for maintaining a healthy pregnancy

Teaching Kids to Self-Advocate

A teacher, a counselor and coach share the skills kids need to succeed.

Helping Kids Navigate Toxic Friendships

How to help kids make good, positive friendships

Raising Confident Decision-Makers

Age-by-age tips to help encourage good decision making from toddlerhood through the teen years.

Teaching Your Child About Inappropriate Contact and Building a Positive Body Image

It’s never too early to teach children about sexuality and safety around strangers

30 Ways to Give Thanks

Helping kids learn the practice of gratitude.

What Parents Should Know About Sensory Processing Disorders

Understanding the challenges and treatment options with this often misunderstood condition.

Are Your Kids Overscheduled?

How to reduce the stress and plan downtime

How To Raise A Well-Rounded Child

It’s possible for parents to raise well-rounded kids without ramping up pressure or piling on after-school commitments.

Sports and ADHD: A Positive Connection?

If you’d like to incorporate sports into your child’s life to improve his or her ADHD symptoms, keep these tips in mind.

ADHD May Be Linked to Persistent Parental Criticism

A study finds only sustained parental criticism was associated with the continuance of ADHD symptoms in the children who had been diagnosed with ADHD.

Social Media Use and Teens

Social media basics for parents

New Parents: Trust Your Instincts

The earlier you can identify special needs, the more time you'll have to research and find support

Helping Kids Set and Reach Goals

Learning to set and achieve goals boosts kids’ success in a big way.

Top 5 Teething Tips for Baby

Ease the pain of new teeth growing in.

Consistent Bedtime Routine Will Help Children Sleep

Possible causes affecting sleep include anxiety, fear, nightmares, poor consistency or stress.

Helping Kids Cool Down

From a hitting toddler to a temperamental teen, here’s how to help kids keep their cool.

Tips to Help Your Teen Cope With Peer Pressure

Peers influence teens almost constantly through school, sports and social media.

Tips for a Smooth Toddler-Bed Transition

Smooth the way for a great toddler-bed transition with these tips.

What is Reactive Attachment Disorder?

Understanding Symptoms and Treatment for Reactive Attachment Disorder or RAD

How to Teach Children to Write Their Names

Repitition will help children learn to write names

Neurofeedback can be effective in treating ADHD

Kids with ADHD may benefit from neurofeedback.

Helping Siblings Get Along

Sibling tensions don't have to rule your home.
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