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College Transitions

Applying to NC Colleges? Take an Inside Look at 16 NC Public Schools

These profiles detail everything from student-to-faculty ratios to acceptance rates and the percentage of students who successfully graduate in four years.

Applying to College? Get an Inside Look at 20 NC Private Colleges

Browse profiles on everything from from student-to-faculty ratios to acceptance rates and the percentage of students who successfully graduate in four years.

How Should High School Freshmen Prepare for College?

How your ninth-grader can successfully launch his or her high school career.

Applying to College? Beware of Social Media

In 2008, Kaplan reported that only 10 percent of admissions officers bothered looking at an applicant’s social media pages; but in 2017, that number rose to 35 percent.

Expert Advice for Successfully Navigating a College Fair

With proper planning, a college fair can provide you with newfound insight into prospective colleges.

Does Gender Give Your Child a College Admissions Edge?

Understanding the widening gender gap and its impact on college acceptance.

Moving Off the College Admissions Waitlist

The No. 1 thing students can do while on the waitlist is communicate clearly, firmly and respectfully to the admissions office that, if offered, they will accept a spot at the school.

Why College Visits Are Worth Time, Expense

Expert tips on what students should do when visiting a college campus.

Understanding 529 College Savings Accounts in North Carolina

Thinking of opening a 529 account? Follow this advice.

Are Your High School Student's Classes Rigorous Enough?

Perhaps no decision in a college-bound teen’s high school career causes more agitation than deciding how many honors and advanced placement courses to take.

Private Scholarships: Exposing the Truth About Them

Students and parents spend too much time seeking out private scholarships, and not enough focusing on where the bulk of aid money actually originates.

ACT Versus New SAT: Which Should I Choose?

What are the key differences between the ACT and new SAT, and what do they mean for test-takers?

Making FAFSA Changes Work for You

Do you know about the changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid affecting all rising high school seniors applying for federal aid in the 2017-18 academic year?

New Book Offers New Approach to College Planning

Experts at College Transitions release their first book, "The Enlightened College Applicant," Sept. 1.

SAT Subject Tests: A Primer

When can SAT subject test benefit college applicants and what do they entail?

5 Summer College Application Tips for Rising High School Seniors

Summer months are the perfect time to get ahead in the college application process. Follow these 5 useful tips to jump-start your college applications.

Is College Still a Worthwhile Investment?

Questioning the value of a college degree? College is still a sound investment if you know how to capitalize on your higher education.

Is It Possible to Get Off a College's Waitlist?

Check out this post to learn about your prospects as a waitlisted student and what you may be able to do to ultimately earn admission.

Should Students Disclose Depression/Anxiety on College Applications?

These tips offer guidance and help for effectively and tactfully describing mental health challenges.

Deferred? Six Tips for Deferred College Applicants

College applicants can use these tips to help move their application into the "accepted" pile.

So You Want to Be a Lawyer?

Does your teen have a career in mind? This new "So You Want to Be a…” series," offers college advice for the career-minded.

Best Careers for 2020 and Beyond: Healthcare

Take a look at the fastest-growing careers in America, where both compensation and employee satisfaction are high, starting with the healthcare field.

The Life-Altering Impact of Student Loan Debt

A look at the very real ways student loan debt can impact your life and how to make wise college choices.
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