7 Halloween party games for teens and tweens


Halloween has always been an exciting holiday for kids. They get dressed up, hang out with friends and know that “trick or treat” means free candy. But once they hit middle school, costumes are no longer cool, and their days of trick-or-treating reluctantly come to an end. In an effort to keep the holiday fun for teens, why not throw a party?

I know what you thinking — “How am I going to come up with entertainment that is not lame and will keep everyone amused?” Simple! Check out these teen-approved party games that will challenge, gross out and deliver hours of good times and laughter.

1. Go fishing — Fill a small swimming pool with water. On the bottom of the pool, place several marbles. Set as many chairs around the pool as will fit. Ask your guests to sit in the chairs and remove their shoes and socks. That’s right! They are going fishing for marbles with their feet. Add a little fear and anticipation by blindfolding the participants or turning off the lights.

2. Pumpkin face — Have the kids put a layer of Vaseline on their faces. Pour several round cheese puffs on a long table. On go, each person has to cover their face with the puffs without using their hands. Set the timer for one minute, and the person with the most puffs wins. This is a great photo opportunity!

3. Plastic wrap mummy race — Break the group into teams. Choose one person from each team to wrap in plastic wrap (from the neck down). As soon as the mummy is wrapped, the team has to gently lower him to the ground and roll him down a race course. When he gets to the finish line, stand him back up and completely unwrap him. For a longer race, rewrap the next person and race back to the other end.

4. Halloween egg hunt — Fill plastic eggs or plastic pumpkins with candy and hide around the room or outdoors. Take advantage of the early setting sun and search for the eggs with flashlights.

5. Bubble gum pie — Fill a pie plate with whipped cream and bury a couple pieces of unwrapped bubble gum inside. Using only his or her face, the first kid to find the bubble gum, chew it and blow a bubble wins.

6. Guess the candy bar — Melt five different candy bars separately in the microwave. Be sure to crush up any large pieces. Place each melted mess inside a clean disposable diaper and place on the table. Have the kids smell or taste what’s in the diaper to determine the type of candy bar.

7. LCR — This is a great way to end the night. LCR is a popular dice game that can be played with any size group. You can either buy the LCR dice or use regular dice and determine which number is L, C and R. Normally you would play with chips or coins, but since it’s Halloween, use candy. Every player starts with three candies. As you roll, the candy goes to the left, right or into a bowl in the center. The winner is the person holding the last piece of candy.

Halloween Party Food

Tired of pizza? Try these dinner options for your next tween or teen gathering.

Hot dogs on a stick — Leave the mess outside and let the kids roast their own hot dogs over a fire pit.

Taco bar — Make your own tacos with all the fixings.

Spaghetti and meatballs — Whether the kids like red sauce or plain with butter, pasta is always a hit.

Comfort food — Fried or baked chicken, mac and cheese, and baked beans.

Soup, salad and bread sticks — Great make-ahead meal that is perfect for a fall evening.

Pizza fondue  — Warm pizza sauce in a pot and use pepperoni sticks, mozzarella cheese cubes and bread as dippers.

Sliders — Pulled pork, chicken or mini-burgers. Serve with a side of coleslaw or fruit salad.

Sub sandwiches and chips — Order from your favorite deli or make your own. This quick meal is a crowd pleaser!

Baked potato bar — Serve potatoes with sour cream, cheese, bacon, broccoli or chili.

Breakfast for dinner — Serve trays of breakfast casserole, bacon or silver dollar pancakes.

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